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Corporate History

September 1995
Established SPE Music Publishing Inc.
January 1997
Established SPE Visual Works Inc. by a joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. and Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
January 1998
Integrated all visual software excluding music videos of Sony Music Group artist to SPE Visual Works.
November 2000
The first full-digital animated film using HD24P 『BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE』 was released nationwide in movie theaters.
January 2001
Became a 100% owned subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc and changed the company name to SME Visual Works Inc.
February 2001
『BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE』 received < the Ohfuji Noburo Award > at the 55th Mainichi Film Awards. 『BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE』 won the Grand Prize (animation category) at the 4th Japan Media Arts Plaza Awards.
August 2001
『BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE』 received 『Best Theatrical Feature Film/First Place』 at The World Animation Celebration (USA).
April 2003
Company name changed to Aniplex Inc.
October 2003
TV animation series 『Fullmetal Alchemist』 began airing on MBS/TBS national networks.
March 2004
TV animation series 『Fullmetal Alchemist』 received the Best TV anime award at the Tokyo Anime Awards 2004 which was held as port of the Tokyo International Anime Fair.
March 2005
Established Aniplex of America Inc.
May 2005
Established animation studio, A-1 Pictures Inc.
February 2006
『Fullmetal Alchemist THE MOVIE Conqueror of Shamballa』 won <the Animation Grand Prize> at the 60th Mainichi Film Awards. 『Kamichu!』was awarded the Excellence Prize (animation vategory) at the 9th Japan Media Arts Plaza Awards.
April 2006
Established Bancho Inc., a mobile contents provider.
February 2007
『TEKKONKINKREET』 received <the Ohfuji Noburo Award> at the 61th Mainichi Film Awards.『Polta the country between the world』 won the Grand Prize (animation category) at the 10th Japan Media Arts Plaza Awards.
February 2008
『TEKKONKINKREET』 won <Best animation of the year> at the 31th Japan Academy Prize.